Multimedia interviews and talks

Guided Meditations

Transforming Anxiety in the Time of Pandemic – Intro (8 mins) and Practices (23 mins)

Healing Masculinity for Men of Color – talk (20 mins)

Healing Masculinity: Metta Practice – Intro (5 mins) and Guided Meditation (20 mins)

Healing Masculinity: Future-Self Practice – Intro (5 mins) and Guided Imagery (20 mins)

Metta – Unstoppable Friendliness (45 mins) – A guided meditation to invite kindness into our present-moment experience for the Awakening Strength, Courage and Tenderness: A Retreat for the LGBTQI Gender-fluid Community retreat – Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Dharma Talks

Relational-care in precarious times: coming together in the face of separation. (31 mins) East Bay Meditation Center – POC Sangha, April 30th, 2020

The Four Ennobling Truths and Posttraumatic Growth (54 mins) East Bay Meditation Center – POC Sangha
Keeping Our Hearts Open During the Revolution (46 mins) East Bay Meditation Center: Healing the Healers: Cultivating Our Resilience and Creativity daylong for POC

Avoiding Burn Out – The Buddha’s teachings on Hope and Healing  (30 mins) – East Bay Meditation Center, Alphabet (LGBTQ+) Sangha

Paradox of Love (42 mins) – Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center, Annual People of Color 7-day Silent Meditation Retreat

Posttraumatic Growth for People of Color (32 mins) – East Bay Meditation Center


Radio and podcast interviews

Healing Masculinity: Moving Beyond DominanceKPFA’s Talk It Out Radio, 4-16-2023 (60 mins)

“Multi-Heritage Couples on The Couples Therapist Couch podcast (54 mins)

“Men, Feelings, Father Wounds…” on Radical Advice podcast (120 mins)

Post Traumatic Growth on KPFA’s Talk It Out radio program (60 mins)


Print Media

Loving-Kindness: May All Beings Be Happy

Right Swiping (Part I) and The Dharma of Online Dating (Part II) – quoted as “Buddhist relationship expert”

Forever Offline – dealing with the loss of a virtual friend

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