Psychotherapeutic Approach

I utilize an integrative psychotherapy and liberation psychology approach to our work.  Honoring the interconnection of mind, body, and spirit facilitates deeper and more lasting transformations.

I also find drama therapy to be a highly effective complement to traditional talk therapy. The North American Drama Therapy Association defines drama therapy as “the intentional use of drama and/or theater processes to achieve therapeutic goals.” As an embodied approach, the therapeutic results tend to be more integrated and longer lasting than solely intellectual insights.

I guide clients in working through issues such as:

  • AnxietyConstructively utilizing this energy in healthy and productive ways
  • DepressionCreativity-building that allows for more spaciousness in your life
  • AngerManaging and externalizing anger in constructive ways
  • Healing from Trauma/PTSD Strengthening and accessing aspects of posttraumatic growth to lessen reactivity
  • Relationship CounselingHelping people in all types of relationships to become more creative and loving partners
  • Improving Intimacy/SexLoving yourself whole so that you can more fully love others; building skills for healthy dating, intimacy and sexuality
  • Sexual and Gender Identity Exploring gender and other facets related to sexuality and sexual identity
  • Improving RelationshipsLearning skills to create healthy relationships, build community support and create new and healthy friendships
  • Addiction/RecoveryFinding alleviation from the sufferings of disordered eating, out-of-control sexual behaviors, and substance abuse, making possible greater fulfillment in your life
  • Coping with Chronic or Terminal Illness Managing the suffering associated with chronic pain and illness
  • Coping with LossTransforming grief into deeper love and appreciation
  • Career DevelopmentFinding true, purposeful living
  • Workplace ConflictsCreating healthy and sustainable livelihood
  • Family IssuesSlowing down and stopping the intergenerational cycles of suffering
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