Psychotherapeutic Approach

I utilize an integrative psychotherapy approach in my work with clients.  Research shows that honoring the interconnection of mind, body, and spirit helps facilitate deeper and more lasting positive transformations, expanding an individual’s capacity for joy and peace.

I help clients build from their strengths – to reflect on the past enough to forgive themselves and others and to move forward in a revived and hopeful manner.  I teach my clients the crucial role compassion (for both self and others) can play in healing personal and interpersonal wounds.  I have guided my clients in overcoming many challenges by working through issues such as:

  • AnxietyConstructively utilizing this energy in healthy and productive ways
  • Relationship CounselingHelping people in all types of relationships to become more creative and loving partners
  • DepressionCreativity-building that allows for more spaciousness in your mind-body-heart-spirit
  • AngerManaging and externalizing anger in constructive ways
  • Healing from Trauma/PTSD Strengthening/accessing aspects of posttraumatic growth to lessen reactivity associated with triggers from traumatic experiences
  • Improving Intimacy/SexLoving yourself whole so that you can more fully love others; building skills for healthy dating, intimacy and sexuality
  • Improving RelationshipsLearning skills to create healthy relationships, build community support and create new and healthy friendships
  • Addictions/RecoveryFinding alleviation from the sufferings of sex addiction, drugs and other compulsive behaviors, making possible greater fulfillment in your life
  • Coping with Chronic or Terminal Illness Managing the suffering associated with chronic pain and illness
  • Coping with LossDealing with the grief around the loss of a loved one
  • Career DevelopmentFinding true, purposeful living
  • Workplace ConflictsCreating healthy and sustainable livelihood
  • Family IssuesSlowing down / stopping the intergenerational cycles of suffering